Thursday, April 15, 2010

Here, There, All Elsewhere

Ben Mirov, the finest of gentlemen & a wonderful poet is reading everywhere this month. I saw him read in a stairwell for AWP. Check out his blog for details & locations. Tonight he's reading with Sampson Starkwether. Speaking of Sampson, last night I was at Colin Cheney's book release party & someone thought my name was Sampson... Speaking of Sampson, have you seen his new chapbook? Check it out over at the Immaculate Disciples Press.

Okay, back to Ben. Next week he's reading with Christie Ann Reynolds who has poems in the brand new ish of Sink Review along with Daniel Lin, Janaka Stucky, Evan Commander, Jeremy Czerw, Rob MacDonald, Dara Cerv, Emily Toder, Christopher Salerno, Andrew Mister and reviews about Dan Hoy's Glory Hole and Jon Leon's The Hot Tub,Underground National by Sueyeun Juliette Lee (Factory School, 2010),The City Real & Imagined by CA Conrad & Frank Sherlock (Factory School, 2010,Andrew Mister's Liner Notes.

I wrote two of those reviews.

One more thing about Ben. When I saw him read at AWP it was in a stairwell around 1am & he read for H_ngm_n who has also just put out a new ish. Check it out here.

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