Monday, April 5, 2010

Coldfront Magazine- The Year in Review

coldfront magazine is pleased to announce the publication of Coldfront Yearbook 2009, a book of work published in 2009 -- it also announces the WINNERS of our 2009 Year in Review.

Copies of the book will be available at a discount during the AWP Conference in Denver, CO. They are already available here, and will soon be available at

It is the first in what will be an annual series, and features writing by:

Jason Bredle, Erin Belieu, Stephen Burt, Jackie Clark, John Deming, DJ Dolack, PJ Gallo, Matt Hart, Steven Karl, Rick Marlatt, Mike McDonough, Rachel Mennies, Jason Schneiderman, Matt Soucy, Bryan Stokes II, Mathias Svalina, Ken L. Walker, Melinda Wilson

about work by:

Samuel Amadon, Fred Astaire, Aase Berg, Mark Bibbins, Katie Cappello, Maxine Chernoff, Arda Collins, Mahmoud Darwish, Michael Dickman, Farrah Field, Ellie Ga, Louise Gluck, Geoffrey Hill, Janet Holmes, Fady Joudah, Ellen Kennedy, Noelle Kocot, Melissa Kwasny, Justin Marks, Shane McCrae, Wayne Miller, Keith Newton, Carl Phillips, Cole Porter, DA Powell, Angela Shaw, Laura Sims, GC Waldrep, Charles Wright

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