Tuesday, April 6, 2010

AWP & All That Jazz

I leave for AWP tomorrow so this will probably be my last post until sometime next week. If I can dream aloud & you're hoping to seek me out in print while at AWP you can find my chapbook over at the Flying Guillotine Press table & I have excerpts from a poem,
Birthdays & Other Bouts With Breathing
, in the new issue of
No, Dear Magazine which is actually sharing a table with FGP- now that's one-stop shopping! I also have a review in the Coldfront 2009 which I blogged about yesterday.

If you're trying to find me in person to exchange hellos, beers, coffees, etc I'll probably be lingering around the Immaculate Disciples Press/Sink Review table, the Coldfront table or the Flying Guillotine table.

Some things I'm looking forward to buying:

The new Brave Men Press chapbook by Mathias Svalina
The new ish of Cannibal, Salt Grass, Forklift, Ohio, Agricultural Reader, and picking up my contributor copy of No, Dear. I'm also curious to see what's at Wave Books, Black Ocean, and Litmus Press.

I'm going to try to make readings by Copper Nickel (Thurs 6-7:30) Historic Falcon (6:30-9pm), Table x After party, The Dewclaw Issue 2 reading(Thursday 2-4), The FlatmanCrooked & Mud Luscious Press Reading (Friday, 4pm), Cleveland State University Reading (Friday 6:30) and Possess Nothing (Saturday 7-10)pm

I'll make the AWP Panel: Networked Poetry Classroom (Thursday 9-10:15)
University of Montana Poetry Faculty Reading (Friday 10:30)

Collages & Collisions (Friday 1:30-2:30)

I know there are Gurlesque and Flarf panel/readings too, but I can't find them right now.

What looks good to you? What are you planning on attending/buying?

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