Monday, March 29, 2010

Such An Object (Lovely)

Okay, so The Sorrow Sea of Shallows by Joseph Lappie isn't exactly a chapbook, but it's a beautiful art book & one of many I got to drool over this weekend in Philly, as Peptic Robot Press represented at the SGC.

If you haven't seen the images for The Artificer Arisen, The Artificer Fallen click here, be sure to move your mouse over the colored circles.

You can contact Peptic Robot Press here for purchases & inquiry.

From The Sorrow Sea of Shallows*:

If you are still breathing in 2050, most of us will
not be. Our parents, our lovers, the tiniest of
hands on our arms will all be buried or burnt or
left for the pigeons. Our country, our world our
universe will capture that energy and move on.

Just as if nothing had ever happened.

The cruelest, as
well as the kindest,
moment will remain
only that...

a moment.

* spacing drastically different than orignal

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