Friday, March 26, 2010

List are for Fridays

Thanks to press-mate, friend, workshopper & New School Alum, V, for the kind words on my FGP chapbook!

Thanks to Ross for giving a shout-out to my other publisher, Peptic Robot Press!

I start Spring Break on Monday so here's a list of things I hope to do:

Go to MOMA
Finish reading the last issue of Forklift, Ohio & the first issue of Maggy. Begin reading the new issue of Jubilat & the new issue of Octopus.
Work on Sink Review review revisions.
Begin writing reviews for Coldfront.
Go see Greenburg.
Clean my room. Sort through the heap of papers & books spilling all around my floor.
Do taxes.
Look at the AWP schedule.
Read a ton of Cannibal Books chapbooks.
Write poems.
Send chapbook(s) to Hong Kong, New Zealand & Japan.
See friends.
Grade papers.
Sleep. Sleep.

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