Friday, March 5, 2010

Animals This Way Come!

I'm thrilled to say that my new chapbook has just been released by Flying Guillotine Press! You can purchase it direct from the press for only $7! Click here.

Also, there are still a limited number of my collab chapbook, State(s) of Flux available from Peptic Robot Press here or if in NYC/BK send me an email.


Nicolette Wong said...

Congrats, my dear.

I'm still waiting.

steven karl said...

Thanks! Should get copies of it tonight or Sunday & hopefully have a State(s) of Flux by the end of next week & then will get your address & send them both out at the same time for ya:)

Ross Brighton said...

I'll have to grab a copy. I do so much wish I could afford a copy of the Peptic Robot one too... It looks soooooo gorgeous.
Any chances of trades/reviews etc?

steven karl said...

Hi Ross,

We can definitely do a trade! I've been wanting to read your chapbook ever since Farrah's blog post & I like the poems in the new Action Yes!

I should have copies of the new chapbook by the end of this weekend & hopefully some State(s) of Flux by the end of next week.

Ross Brighton said...

Excelent - Chuck me an email and we'll exchange addresses and the like.