Thursday, March 25, 2010

Such An Object (Lovely)

I've been reading & receiving a lot of chapbooks lately. I decided it might be fun to start featuring chapbooks that in addition to being written by amazing poets are also beautiful objects. The first chapbook that comes to mind is Julia Cohen's For the H in Ghost which is out on Brave Men Press. This book is beautifully constructed with a subtle yet evocative cover. It is both art & poetry. You should treat yourself to a copy! Here's a poem from it: (the spacing is going to be way wrong- sorry)

The Decoy Museum Is Still

The decoy museum is still a real museum
so distracting you can die inside & not
even know it

your whatness your childhood-bird looks
so young snow like gunpowder

cough syrup on the collar of a white shirt
something to hide under the bed for

I reach back into the body of your memory
& stick post-it notes on the edge
of every mirror


cold grass on the floor & covered in sugar
the slurred satellite of your swing set

I fashioned the raincoat to keep rain

on your inside: an apple tree sprouts in the blue
Oldsmobile's brown cushion


the decoy museum lit by bayonets fresh
from the oven

cut with colleagues & the weaker version of lies

returns to the situation of a leaf
brown paper & a misspent life

you walk into a stranger's dirty pocket of air


more than replica a lure
the birthdays range in anticipation they fell for glory

trouble distinguishing grids: a farm or a way
to fire a person

fake flowers burst forth from fake seeds
nothing ornamental in the decoy museum

in a guild-like fashion they lay it down
in a sound-like sound I take it away

those bandages dirty pompoms need changing
I let one emotion follow the other & believe
them both


wing clipping season ends when I cut
the swans from your ankles newspaper shin guards
are birthdays

between the gilded pages I whistle the grass
between my thumbs
I destroy the like-like decoy I've been meaning to

place all possible coverings away from your face's reach
what happens to your face

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