Friday, March 19, 2010

Adventures in Chinatown

Fresh back from my 8am class at LaGcc, I decided to head over to the laundromat to drop of some dirties.

While waiting on a street corner I over-heard a father (more than likely a tourist) talking & gesturing to his son. While gesturing he managed to hit a Chinese woman on the head. He dutifully apologized then as soon as she was out of earshot he said to his son, "that's what happens when walking around in Chinktown."

The son laughs.

Great to see that humans are still bonding over their favorite past-time: Racism.

Ever want so badly to spit on someone?

One the way back to my apartment I saw two middle-aged women in matching black velor sweat pants asking for the "real nice Hermes fake purses."

Haha, LV is finally out!

Somewhere Kayne & Murakami are relieved.

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Nicolette Wong said...

Count me in. You know I'm anti-LV