Thursday, November 12, 2009

No Tell? Oh Do Tell!

I have an incomplete list of 09 Top Ten poetry books up on No Tells Blog.

It's incomplete because I completely forgot to mention two CSU books I loved:

Self Portrait with a Crayon
by Allison Benis White

Horse Dance Under Water
by Helena Mesa

I'm pretty sure Mathias Svalina's book on CSU will be out before the year is over too.

I also left off Justin Marks' chapbook, Vior Dire because my copy has not arrived yet, although I've heard him read from parts of it & loved it.

I've also heard Farrah Field read extensively from her book, Rising, but actually haven't read the entire book. I hope to buy a copy of it on Sunday though!

I'm sure still forgetting something but off the top of my head those were the glaring errors that should be added to the "list."

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