Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who Wants Pie?

I have to say, I definitely needed these last few days off. I caught up on grading & read A LOT of Dostoevsky's Demons, which I'm teaching over at CSI.

In addition to Dostoevsky, I read Farrah Field's Rising, which I'll blog on more later, but it is definitely a damn impressive book. I'm left smitten.

On Thursday, my friend Czar Hohl was sick so instead of heading to Harlem for Thanksgiving I went over to Hong-An's in Williamsburg. Her & her bf prepared the best vegetarian/vegan feast I've ever tasted.

Upon leaving it was still a nice evening so myself, Deep Disco, Sandy & her bf, Francis, decided to walk over the Williamsburg bridge. 'twas nice.

Friday, I met up with Veronica for a minute to sample her sweet potato pie & pick up a copy of her chapbook( All The Little Red Girls), which I blogged about a few days ago.

Pie & poetry are/were both stupendous.

Saturday Lila came back from upstate & we went over Czar's for a post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. More food. More drink. More wit. More fun.

Sunday Lila & I were lucky enough to catch the wonderful poet, J.Mae Barizo, doing her day job, which is a violinist at Carnegie Hall. It was a 2'oclock show so we arrived early & ate bagels in Central Park then met up with J.Mae who gave us a backstage tour. The the performance began & she, along with the rest of the orchestra, were completely enchanting.

Now it's back to Demons.

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