Monday, November 2, 2009

& what to do with these found hours?

Grapefruit, ah Grapefruit I suppose the summer wasn't as it should be. Sigh. Too few were the times that my fingernail pierced & pulled back your pliable exterior. Too too few my tongue tickled & tasted that hue less than red & here we are.

You asleep in your stand surrounded by friends, dreaming of liaisons with lemons.

While I listen to some motherfucker on the street say fuck repeatedly along with other indecipherable words which ring of aggression. O Grapefruit, I expect to hear gunshots any moment. I expect Chinatown to become a blaze of bangs & a graveyard of blood. But as my fret is about to reach frenetic, motherfucker gets back in his car & off he goes.

Grapefruit there is silence & there is us.

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Molly Gaudry said...

This makes me smile. Despite your obvious sense of loss. Take comfort: there is always next year.