Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I find myself staring out the window, counting down the hours until I can leave work.

I'm considering whether or not I'm going to eat this apple. Red Delicious. Not my favorite. Big Bruise. Yet. Still. It. Has. Allure. Earlier I ate pizza- not good nyc/bk pizza but gross Weschester pizza, earlier than that I ate cheese enchiladas (ala Trader Joes) so eating an apple seems like a healthly act of attempting some balance.

Too bad its Red (Un)Delicious...

My tax papers got mailed to my new address (oh I'm moving-March 1st) so I'm going to meet my soon-to-be-roommate for a beverage somewhere in BK Heights (where she tutors), retrieve the tax forms and drop them in the mail tomorrow morning.

I took off Friday 'cause I thought I'd be in London but that's not going to happen so I'll be spending my bday in NY. Will do dinner, drinks, then maybe go to this caberat called Shanghai Mermaid- yeah what a name, right? It's in Dumbo just one stop away from my stop in Cobble Hill, but Saturday is too far away so who really knows what I'll do.

Right now, I'm going to stop burning these Boeing Manual cds and wash off that nasty apple.



jenn said...

happy future birthday!

steven karl said...

Thanks Jenn!

Those YouTube- Planet Dic(s) on your blog are too funny!