Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Morning Snippets

Last night I saw J.Mae Barizo play piano as part of a piano/tuba chamber music performance. 'Twas amazing- rarely does this happen to me but I was left a bit transfixed. But music (like painting) has a way of tapping into emotions where words fail or too concisely narrarate. If you get a chance to see her play just do it-- to appropriate a corporate slogan/mantra/lifestyle/cultural directive... or is it a sympton ala Zizek via Marx's Commodity Fetish?


I'ts snowing.

I often don't look back longingly on being a kid-- but today I could be young again-- today I could use a snow day.

Very few people are at work today. Que up Raidohead's No Surprises

I've eaten an everything bagel. I really wanted to snazz it up aka Pacific Northwest style: tofutti, sprouts, cucumbers, & tomatoe.

Instead: low-grade cream cheese & cheap coffee.


I'm going to pack this weekend, work on some contest submissions, & challenge my ghost(s) to a snowball fight.


I might get another bagel.
I might eat a kiwi.
I might read a poem.
I might just stare out the window and watch the flurries fall.

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virginia ulrich said...

you are absolutely lovely.
i adore this post.