Wednesday, November 14, 2007

If You Find Yourself in Chicago on Friday November 16th

This Friday the 16th from 7pm - 11pm sponsored by Allegoric Space and hosted at the Chicago Country Club Gallery I will have a literal hunk of my work on display Along with 20+ other artists from across the nation. I think 12 or so will be at the actual event for libations and canoodling. Artwork from $20-$1500 so a little bit for everyone.

This is a one night only gig. On Saturday the 17th I'll be gone. Where is this gallery at you ask?

1100 N. Damen Ave Chicago, Il 60622

That is one block south of the Division and Damen intersection. Easily accessible by the Blue Line and getting off at either the
Division or Damen stop then walking (or bussing) 5-6 blocks on either street until you hit the intersection. One block South and Voila!

What will be there? Glad you asked. Prints, Drawings, and Books by me...Paintings, Drawings, Textual sculptures, by others. Check out for the list and examples of artists.

Hey, while you're at it check out for over 70 new images (mainly in the drawing and print section) The website is in a constant state of flux so excuse the dispirate background images on some of the pages.

Any ?s I'll be happy and speedy in my reply.

Bring your dancing feet, bring your drinking belly, and bring your pocket book because the art is affordable.


p.s. I know, logistically, that it is an impossibilty for many of you to attend this event. Nonetheless I wanted to send an invitation.


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