Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Da Chumps

So after riding two empty MTA trains, one empty Metro-North train, and a company- not-named-Eos' shuttle (also empty) I've deduced that only the chumpiest of chumps are working today! So these dedicated unfortunates have brought their dogs, puppies, babies, and kids, while the chump known as myself has only brought tired lids and a penchant for clock-watching

tickety tock tickety tock


After I get off of work I'm hoping to drop off my laundry, walk to the produce place on Court Street and buy asparagus, green beans, lemon, and maybe a mango. I've been craving them a little spicy like the way the serve them in Redhook at the infamous Latin stands, but I could salt and pepper them too, or just eat one as is. Also Persimmons. I don't really like them but two guys (not at work today therefore more evidence of their lack of chumpness) have been eating persimmons as if they were everyday apples and I'm am envious of their collected eating pleasure, therefore, I will give this lovely colored object another taste and see. Worst case scenario I'm going to write a poem about it b/c as much as I like food it's generally absent in my poems.

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