Wednesday, November 28, 2007


so I spent most of last night working on my manuscript submissions and fellowship applications. i had everything enveloped, all checks signed, etc with the intention of bringing them to work replacing a few last-minute rewrites and pagination problems then taking a different train home from work today so that i could just go to the post-office in bk heights then walk home... so what do you think i did? yep1 left all materials sitting on my dresser including my netflix that i've been meaning to return for a week now.

well that's what happens when i try and be productive at 6 a.m. without even a sniff of scent of coffee. fiddlesticks and shits shits and fiddlesticks


in other news- persimmons may be my new "favorite" fruit meanwhile i'm less than impressed with cactus pears plus i spent all day yesterday pulling the pricklies from my palm- a futile exercise in sheer annoyance if ever there was one.

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