Sunday, November 11, 2007

Been a while

Well it's been a while since I've actually blogged, as opposed, to merely posting readings/reviews. What can I say I've been recovering from a cold + work has been hell as of late so I come home with nothing but a big thud for a head.

I went to the Carl Phillips, Erin Belieu, and Sarah Gambito reading this past Monday, but had to leave before Carl Phillips read. Just wasn't feeling well. Erin Belieu had been hyped the hell out of so I was more curious to actually see and hear Gambito, esp since if I were to continue curating the T&W reading series I was going to ask her to read- let's just say parts of her reading were spell-binding. She's a great reader and she read a lot of new poems which seemed more haunting or haunted than her previous work in Matadora. She's also funny- which is something I always appreciate in a poet.

Yesterday, I went to the Four Faced Liar and Dan Magers held his own having memorized most of his poems, Alex Smith was all wit and charm and Steve Roberts' poems were wonderful to hear.

Jules Cohen was wearing a retro Knicks hoodie which is worth mentioning.

Niether Modi or myself felt like drinking or doing shots on a Saturday afternoon so we left the bar and caught up with each other over falafels and turkish coffee. We went to this little spot on 7th and Perry and it was delish.

My evening should of consisted of a wine and cheese and then going over to a party thrown by some NS Alums, Kiely and April. But the wine and cheese was so cozy and fun that I never made it to the second party. But hey, Amyjoy brought a 10 year old bottle of wine and Mellisa made puff pastries with carmelized onions, figs, and blue cheese. Would you leave?

I have loose plans for the afternoon that I can tell right now just aren't going to happen. Despite staying in every night except Monday and Saturday I still haven't done any writing or worked on my Stegner, Yale Youngers, Crab Orchard, Provincetown, etc... I have to go to Traders Joes and do some food shopping too. Where does the time go?

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