Monday, January 11, 2010

"You Told Me You Wanted Eat Up My Sadness"

Hi, how are ya? I'm lost in a forest so thanks for asking. While I continue to be tongue-tied & absent-minded how about you check out the Winter Ish of Sixth Finch with poems by J.Mae Barizo, Dan Magers, Jack Christain, Lauren Ireland, Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney, Rauan Klassnik, Kristi Maxwell, Michael Morse, Emilia A. Phillips, Nate Pritts, Zach Savich, Jordan Stempleman.
How about Svalina-Cohen up all week at No Tell Motel? Yep. Straight Heat for Winter Blues.

Speaking about M.J. you should definitely check out the new issue of
The Home Video Review of Books featuring:

If Not Metamorphic
by Brenda Iijima
Catch Light by Sarah O'Brien
Killing Kanoko: Selected Poems of Hiromi Ito by Hiromi Ito
Texture Notes by Sawako Nakayasu
Stars of the Night Commute by Ana Božičević
Shot by Christine Hume
The Sri Lankan Loxodrome by Will Alexander
Sum of Every Lost Ship by Allison Titus
Little Red Girls by Angela Veronica Wong
A Mouth in California by Graham Foust
We Take Me Apart by Molly Gaudry

I'm thrilled to see so many books reviewed by writers who often grace this very blog like Sawako (whose book I can't wait to read) Veronica (who's my Flying Guillotine Label mate & frequent workshopper for like a zillion of my poems) Molly whose book I just finished & was completely rocked by, as was I with Ana's. Both Brenda & Hiromi's books are at the top of my wish list (in case you're feeling generous next month which happens to be the month I was born in- hint my birthday is the same day as Patti Smith's sister, Linda).
Here's a repost from Foley's HTML GIANT posting:

Last Rally

The last issue (?) of The Raleigh Quarterly curated by Chris Tonelli and Chris Salerno has been updated today. RQ has has featured some great poets in their short tenure like Mark Yakich, Matt Henriksen, Emily Kendal Frey, Mathias Svalina, Sarah Bartlett, Joe Massey, Tony Tost, Kate Greenstreet, & Laura Sims. You’ll now be able to find the eyebrow raising tag team of Chris² at their new imprint So and So Magazine, who are currently taking submissions for their first issue. Congrats also to Chris Tonelli who just became a nasty dad. This man knows how to make things.