Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Catch-Up

Sorry for the long silence. My friend, Joseph, the artist & publisher behind State(s) of Flux was in town so we did exciting things which didn't include sitting around staring at the computer.

We went to Central Booking (in DUMBO), Booklyn (in Greenpoint) Center for Book Arts and Printed Matter (both in Chelsea). Booklyn will have a gallery opening on Feb. 4th & I think it will definitely be worth checking out.

We also had some whiskey nights, conversations at a bar, pizza, thai, some citrus juice and an all night book-making session. Joseph is already missed by many, maybe even you.

I attempted to buy a copy of Maggy today, but didn't see it at St. Mark's Book Store, luckily as I was going through my emails I realized there is a new ish of diode up. Check it out.


Alina Gregorian said...

Hey! That is so cool that you wanted to buy Maggy, but I am sad to hear you didn't see it at St Mark's... I think they put them on a shelf in the back. But either way, you will be at the launch on Thurs? You can get a copy there!

steven karl said...

Yep, I'll be there on Thursday- looking forward to it!