Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Ate The Mango & Then I Ate You

Today I woke up around 11.
I made myself a latte.
I made myself some oatmeal.
I put cinnamon & crushed cloves in the water, brought it to a boil, lowered flame added oats.
Put into a bowl with bananas and dried cranberries.
I washed my dishes; then showered.

I loafed around.
Later I took the bread loaf from the fridge & made a grilled cheese with Tuscan bread & extra-sharp cheddar cheese.
I cleaned my waffle maker.
I set-up my scanner.
I looked for things to scan then got distracted.
I read stuff in the Winter Issue of Fence.
I read some of Frank Sherlock's book, Over Here.

I did not scan, feeling restless I made French Press.
I ate a mango.
I almost ate two.
Now I eat you.

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