Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some Goods & Then Some More Goods

The Brooklyn Bookfest happens on Sunday, September 13th and this discussion which takes place at St. Francis College looks pretty good:

12:00 p.m. Poetry, Pop, and Hip-Hop. A panel discussing how poets, songwriters and rappers push language in new and essential ways. Featuring Lupe Fiasco, musician and poet Thurston Moore, Tracie Morris and Matthew Zapruder (The Pajamaist). Moderated by Touré.


The 13th is also the final day of the Boog City Festival with a day long reading at Unnameable Books featuring friend and soon-to-be-press mates, Veronica Wong. I'll post the complete schedule sometime next week.


The other day I was reading Nicolle Elizabeth's blog and discovered this pizza blog. Awesome, you know I always look at the artist, Stella Hultberg's blog to see what she & often her husband, Matthew, have been eating. My favorite cat, Ethan, also has a guest appearance on the blog. I don't know Vanessa but she and I share friends in common and I often look at her blog for food. Although the more recent post haven't been as food-centric.
Does anyone know of any good coffee &/or beer blogs?

Speaking of Nicolle Elizabeth she has poems in the new ish of Sawbuck

please redirect your browsers to witness fantastical meanderings from the likes of:

(Edith Södergran translated by Christian Ward)
(George Moore)(Jeff Harrison)
(Jessica Wickens)(Lee Norton)
(Nicolle Elizabeth)(Philip Byron Oakes)
(Steven Breyak)(Susan Lewis)(Zach Buscher)
you will not regret this
A new ish of Softblow is up & eagerly awaiting you.

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