Friday, September 4, 2009

Today & Other Days

LIT Magazine was a new website & they are accepting submission.

I've been cat-sitting this week. This is Ethan. I've known him for almost a decade. He lived with me in Cobble Hill. He's a nice guy.
From the stolen from Captain S files, I recently discovered Daytrotter which has a ton of music downloads featuring unreleased or alternate tracks. Here's who I downloaded thus far:
Asobi Seksu (who have an acoustic show on Sept. 15 at Joe's Pub)
Bon Iver
Crystal Stilts
Sunset Rubdown
Times New Viking
Last night I ate corn on the cob and plantain chips. Today my stomach hurts. Not sure if the two are related. I think I want bread. Chinatown, Little Itlay, Soho, Nolita kinda sucks when you want a bagel.
Today was the last Friday I could sleep in (until late December) so naturally at 8:15 there was a big-ass truck making the loudest noise over & over & over again. Displeasure. Yes, say it with me. Displeasure.

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