Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sometimes You Just Want A Sandwich

Earlier today I was flipping through the 'wichcraft cookbook and decided to leave the park, come home, and make a sandwich. As you can see, I made two. Sadly, hardly any of the ingredients are from my CSA. The bread is Trader Joe's Tuscany bread which is quite good if toasted and perfect for hardier sandwiches.

I sauteed an onion (CSA) with sunflower seeds, olive-oil, sea-salt, pepper, and thyme(dried). Once the onions began to carmelize I added mushrooms and black olives. I poured in a little of the olive juice (for added salty-ness) and squeezed some lemon then sauteed for a little while longer.

The first sandwich has the above ingredients plus fresh mozzarella,arugula and tomatoes. For the second sandwich I switched the mozzarella for a sharp cheddar and the arugula for red-leaf lettuce (CSA).

You can make either of these sandwiches vegan by excluding the cheese or simply replace the cheese with fresh apples slices (I suggest something crisp and a bit tart like a Granny Smith or Pippen or Crispen(if in season) if you use a Crispen make sure it's on the smaller size- there's an exceptionally bad batch of over-sized Crispens right now which is a true tongue downer).


nicolettew said...

you're so much better with food than me. i'm envious

steven karl said...

Sometimes it's insisting on working only with what I have in the fridge, which often forces me to "get creative," plus being mostly vegetarian and spending years being vegan has broaden my ideas about food and how to use/consume it:)

Been enjoying your blogs and all the poetry on it!

bmirov said...

sometimes I just want Steven's sandwich