Monday, August 17, 2009

Art, Words, & Stuff

Hey y'all, my friend Stella has two pieces up in a group exhibition over at Joshua Linear Gallery. You should check it out as it is one of the strongest group exhibitions I've seen in a while. Francis and I were both lamenting about how we have neither the money to buy art or the space to hang it.

Yesterday I embraced the heat by walking around The Storm King Art Center with Lila, Farrah, and Jared. Pics are coming.

Speaking of Ms. Field, Coldfront Magazine has a little feature on her here

Coldfront also has a dope review of Ms. Greenstreet's Lame House Press chap here

Getting back to Jared, he updated his blog (something some of us have been bugging him about for a little while). It's the goods, so check it out here

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