Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tight Finches Harpin' the Alter With Manhattan Lattes

TIGHT 5 is out featuring poems by Samuel Amadon, Stephanie Anderson, Nathan Austin,
Charles Bernstein, Anne Boyer,John Coletti,Justin Courter,Barbara Cully,Katherine Factor,John Gallaher,Jennifer Michael Hecht,Shannon Jonas,Katy Lederer,Andrew Lundwall
Carl Martin,K. Silem Mohammad,Charles North,Boyer Rickel,Christopher Rizzo,Ravi Shankar
Prageeta Sharma,Lytton Smith,Paul Violi,Dana Ward,Eve Zukor

The issue of Harp & Alter is up too! Poetry by Kate Greenstreet, Jennifer Hayashida, Karla Kelsey, Justin Marks, Patrick Morrissey, Rob Schlegel, and Andrei Sen-Senkov, translated by Zachary Schomburg; prose by Roberta Allen, Stephen-Paul Martin, Joanna Ruocco, and David Wirthlin; Jared White on Brandon Shimoda and Michael Zeiss on Kafka; an excerpt from Lisa Jarnot's biography of Robert Duncan; and Michael Newton's gallery reviews.

The summer issue of Sixth Finch is also live featuring poems by Julia Cohen, Matthew Yeager, Peter Davis, Adam Day, and lots more.

Edible Manhattan has an article on New York finally catching on to drinking good coffee.


matthew said...


Just read your poems on Sink Review and RealPoetik and thought they were superb. -Yeager

steven karl said...

Thanks Matthew. Love the poem in Harp and Altar!