Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Saturday's Hit List

340 Bushwick Avenue @ Siegel Street
3 to 5 PM
& it's freeeeeeee

From the lovely hostesses, Niina Pollari & Parker Phillips:

June 6th, 2009 marks the end of a glorious season of the BUSHWICK
READING SERIES -- we're an official Bushwick Open Studios Site! Join
us for these festive festivities, which include readings from poetic
moguls Nicole Steinberg, Douglas Piccinnini, and Dan Magers, as well
as an extraordinary interdisciplinary panel about the topic of
WILD/LIFE. What does that mean, exactly? You'll have to come find out
what they have to say. The cast of characters will remain unrevealed,
for now...

Bushwick Library is located on 340 Bushwick Avenue at Siegel Street, a
stone's throw from the Montrose Avenue stop off the L train and just a
little way from the Central Avenue M stop. As always, the reading
takes place from 3-5PM. Don't be late! We have too much planned for
you to be late, folks. If you're confused about the location, you can
find an incredibly helpful map here. Then, stay in town for a drink or
two and check out other Open Studios/Arts Festival events going on in
Bushwick -- will give you a detailed

Check out the Bushwick Reading Series website for audio of previous
readings -- including last month's, with a gorgeous operatic aria from
Pat Phillips -- as well as previous readers' book recommendations.

Questions? Comments? Love notes? E-mail
We're humbly yours.

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