Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nut News & Two Interviews

You may have read her chapbook, Perfect Villagers, from Octopus Books (which is the last section of this book), but this is Sueyeun Juliette Lee's first full-length book & it's pretty damn good. I might have a review of this book forthcoming so for now all I'll say is that I picked as one of the best books for 2008 over on the No Tells blog & you can buy it here. Also the poet (my friend) Meghan Punschke designed the cover.

Speaking of Coconut, issue 14 is up & it contains some poets I can't wait to read such as Eileen Tabios, Graeme Bezanson (who I went to NS with, as well as, worked on LIT with ((he's still the poetry editor there)) and he's part of the Coldfront Crew, yet I haven't really read his poems), Susana Gardner (who edits Dusie press), and Rauan Klassnik.

Two more interviews with the esteemed artist, Joseph Lappie:

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Cyra said...

why is it that poetry books/chapbooks have the best covers?