Monday, November 3, 2008

Awe & then some

Monday, monday... for some of us, yet another work week. How about a little company? I know just the thing! I'm the featured poet this week at No Tell Motel so you'll have a poem a day just waiting for the warmth of your eyes. Click here.

Still hungry? Really? That's okay, how about feasting on the new issue of Fou! Insatiable? Cool, no problem. How about a little Turntable + Blue Light.

Right, now you want dessert too, you got it. Spoon away at Spooky Boyfriend.

Now you want visuals? You want to sit back & be entertained? Goodreads & Coldfront Magazine aren't enough? How about Cutbank reviews? Still you want more? How about the Home Review of Books? Or watch two of the editors Julia & Mathias read here!


Cyra said...

Am loving getting a daily dose of your poems. So much so...I'm staying way past my bedtime to get a sneak of the next day's feature. ;P

Awe...some...more please! :)

steven karl said...

You're too kind. But yeah it's fun to see a different poem of mine each day especially on such a beautiful background. It so makes me think of Mad Men!