Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chicago: All That Jazz And Then Some

If you find yourself in Chicago definitely check out Joseph Lappie's solo art exhibition.

Believe Inn is proud to present "Before There Was Us And Them There Was We," the solo exhibition of Joseph Lappie.

"Before There Was Us And Them There Was We" is a collection of new drawing prints and paintings continuing the theme of relationships between the self and others, communicative constipation in word and deed, and the necessity of factual fictions in order to move forward day to day. The anthropomorphic qualities of certain figures suggest the true character of each individual. One that often remains hidden under the skin. It is not meant to be a mythological character, merely an aspect of us.

Before There Was Us And Them There Was We
Solo Exhibition by Joseph Lappie

Believe Inn
2043 N Winchester
Chicago, IL 60614

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