Sunday, October 5, 2008

What the Flarfin' Flarf?

This is Issue One which is a lit journal (downloadable pdf) which attributes poems to poets that didn't write them. I haven't had the patience to scroll through the entire pdf to find out what page I'm on or what poem I supposedly wrote- maybe it's funny. I always wanted to be funny. Maybe you're a writer too? Maybe you have a poem in Issue One too?


Reb said...

Just control (or command) F and search on your name.

You're on page 3123:

A hand
A movement
An arm of sleeves
A hand of arms
A branch of
. hands
Fingering blood
A hand
Writing hands from fuss
Writing desolation through tenderness
Movements changed outside droop
Writing populations without death
Steven Karl

steven karl said...
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steven karl said...

Thanks Reb,

I guess I'm still not funny!

Sharon (Mesmer) has an excellent idea. We should all rewrite the poems we supposedly wrote and send them in to the editors. Maybe we can have our "real/revised" versions in issue 2!

Reb said...

Oh wow, I just did that and posted it to my blog. Guess I ain't so original after all. Damn, guess I can be replaced by a computer.