Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Overheard in Staten Island

College of Staten Island (CSI) provides a shuttle bus to transport students/faculty from the ferry to the college. Yesterday, I forgot my ipod so I was forced to listen to the bus driver's conversation with his buddy, another bus driver. It went like this:

Bus driver to buddy: We should take a vacation after Christmas and 'fore school starts again.

Buddy: Man, a vacation for me is me and my bike on the open road.

Bus driver: Naaah we should go som'where hot like the Dominic Republic or Puerto Rico, if ya know what I mean.

Buddy: Yeah, how 'bout we go to Central America, and then I call your wife when we get there and tell her that you and I are in Central America. She would have my BALLS! My BALLS!

Bus driver: Nah, we'll just say it's some fishin' trip or somethin'. I don't care where we go so long as I can get a girl cheap for 4 days.

Buddy: (laughs) You're horrible. And you goin' get me in trouble with your wife and mine!

Bus driver: Seriously, let's go. Whateva place has a lot of poor people. The poorer the better! (he's cracking himself up) Maybe I can even get two!

Buddy: (laughs)

The bus stops. We get off. The exploitation of "poor" presumably "young" girls is exactly the sort of conversation you want to hear on the way to higher education. I'm positive there were students on the bus from the DR and PR... but they had on ipods.

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