Thursday, October 9, 2008

Partie Traumatic

Wow!! Poets/bloggers are still seething or laughing about Issue 1. Below are two links from poet/bloggers I read/like.
But before we get to that- I'll come right out and say that I like Issue 1. Everyone knows the poems attributed to our names are not our poems. I like the high road- the one Reb (Livingston) and Sharon (Mesmer) took. Take the crappy poem affixed to your name and rewrite it into your own "real" poem. I've been working on my version, but it's slow going.
Nonetheless, even though we didn't write our "fake" poems, damn if Issue 1 isn't the best company I've ever been in! Of course, I would have love to see Baus, Meng, Lee (s.j.), Nakayasu, Sharma, Barizo, and Magers, but now I'm getting greedy, aren't I?

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