Saturday, October 13, 2007

So Lame Not Even Worthy of a Rejection Slip?

So somehow really old mail is from my old address is now finding its way to my new address. I hadn't recieved my diploma and we all want our $40,000 piece of paper so I had NS send me another diploma and today the original arrived so now I have two diplomas- does that make me twice as smart? Is there an ebay market for poetry MFA's?

The other piece of mail I recieved was a poetry submision to Cream City Review, but they only returned the poems... hmmm are you telling me they don't even have time to insert the thanks for playing but no thanks rejection slip... are the poems that "unworthy?" Perhaps, I'm just old enough to still be invested in manners and common courtesies. The good thing is I've already prepared a new submission to them and these poems are all written in invisible ink- okay I'm over it.

Tonight's going to be a fiction kind of night for me- I'm going to Jason Napoli Brooks' reading at KGB with Jared then the three of us will go to my friend Nicole's bday party (Nicole is reading new fiction on Wednesday along with my friend James Stobie at Bar on A), but if you're not in for fiction there's this cool poetry reading thing happening at a cementary tonight. I don't know much about it- Jules told me about last night (by the by- her reading was the epitome of cool- of course, Sampson and Ana are no slackers either!) and I took the info from her blog which I will post here:

Green-Wood Chapel
25th street Entrance of Green-Wood Cemetery (25th street/5th avenue in South Slope-Green Wood Hts)
R train to 25th Street, walk up the hill one block from subway

Over 20 poets will read & local blues musician Bennett Harris will play during the refreshment breaks.

bernadette mayer
brenda coultas
jennifer coleman
jim behrle
megan burns
jessica fiorini
julie reid
philip good
dave brinks
brett evans
karen weiser
ce putnam
lauren claire ireland
anna moschovakis
shafer hall
macgregor card
genya turovskaya
anselm berrigan
joe elliot
gina myers
brendan lorber
allison cobb
todd colby
edmund berrigan
etc etc

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