Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday is the day after Sunday

What a weekend- went to the Housing Works book fair but didn't have the motivation to rummage through boxes of dirty books 'specially when I have three books waiting to be read and reviewed, as well as, two issues of Poetry (didn't like the August issue so I haven't even unwrapped September or October and starting to feel slightly behind) plus I'd really like to dive into some of these novels I've been lugging around and haven't really read yet.. How about Proust anyone?

From the book fair I went to my reading (thanks to those that came!) then went to my friend Tara's b-day party. 'Twas fun, but from the flicker pictures it looks like the jump-off really happened after I left which was around 1 or so... Sunday was a lazy waste of sleeping, movie-watching, and attempting to write. Can anyone say wee bit of hangover + fatigue??

I called out of work today and the sky is mixed-up white and blue. I had some espresso, caught up on the daily basketball gossip on, and now listening to some of the new Aesop Rock. Will try to write today or at least rewrite, as well as, work on some submissions. I need to stop by the old haunt New School and read about 30 poems for LIT, return some phone calls, and check out the Violi/Lehman reading tonight at KGB. I'm sure I'll eat sometime today too. An argula salad and girlled cheese sounds about right.

Oh yeah, how much do you want to bet that with Paul Muldoon editing the poetry at The New Yorker the poems don't really change much at all- we just begin to see a repetition of different-yet-the-same-'ol-writers that used to write good poems when they were younger (except Merwin who still rocks). Well maybe Sawako can get a Japanese translation published in The New Yorker now since she was awarded the NEA...


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