Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Joe's have it!

Sunday. Ah Sunday how I loathe the light licking the other side of the moon known as Monday.


Last night I went to La Esquina with Sandy (ex-gf) & our friend and resident superb taste in food choices (other than ourselves of course) Amy Joy. 'Twas delicious and I'm craving it again right now! Since we're not "cool" enough to know the secret password we had to settle for 6:30 reservations. Tried to go to Barrio Chino (prob my favorite place in the city) to continue our drinking but it was waaaaaaayyyyyyyy too packed so we wound up at this Asian spot around the corner. We all had the Praying Mantis which is a ginger mojito made with Soju. This was only my second time having Soju- the first was last Saturday at my friend's Tara's bday party. I quite like the stuff.


Since I got in super-earlies (even by weekday standards) I woke up early this morning, went to Joe's coffee on W13th, sat in Union Square Park, walked over to Barnes & Noble and bought the Denver Quarterly and Court Green then went to Trader Joe's.


Some of my friends have been suggesting that I sign up on the Nerve Personals. hmmmmmm, has it come to that? Well why not and what the hell here goes nothing. It does seem difficult to meet "quality girls" & I'm not a clubber nor do I tend to cruise bars for girls either... & even when I meet a girl it seems just as difficult to actually make schedules match... ah New York it's enough to make a man listless beneath a periwinkle sky. & I just don't feel like seeing a movie alone tonight...

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