Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hazy Blue Day

Well here I sit on a Saturday morning scrubbed clean and ready to face a hazy blue day. I didn't do too much with my week other than work. My friend Nicole engaged me in a gchat about the Cocteau Twins and since then I've had their songs floating through my head which reminded me that I have a ton of their lps still in Portland- in fact I think that 50% of my vinyl collection is probably the Cocteau Twins and The Cure. Speaking of music I've been listening to Slowdive's Just For A Day album on my way to work- it's still so good and I can remember them opening up for Catherine Wheel who were supporting their Ferment album- yep I've been around for a while now...

Thursday I swung by Sharon's (Mobile Libris) new spot and met my friend Daniel there. We had a few beers and caught up for a bit then I went over to a spot on W 14th & 7th to meet Deepali and friends for D's (I noticed that her friends from college call her that!) bday dinner and drink. It was a tapas place and I found myself missing Barcelona and thinking I really need to take a vaca away from the states- it seems like it's been ages and perhaps it has been!

Last night I went to the Stain Bar/MiPo reading and that went well, then later met up with Graeme over on Hoyt and Union at a Wine Bar that I think I visit more often. Graeme's boss happens to be Prageeta's friend so Graeme and I walked her back to Prageeta and Dale's place where her friend is now living for "just under market value" then continued on to our own apartments.

Today I will search out a new breakfast place- I generally go to Bar Tabac but the foods not amazing and the service really does suck. I've worked in retail: bookstores, recordshops, clothing stores + a front desk at a Glaucoma clinic so I can only describe my expectations of service at super-duper low so here's to trying new breakfast places and that first cup of coffee!

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