Saturday, August 4, 2007


August has snuck up on me and I have yet to type a post! I've been sick most of the week- seems this summer I've been sick more times than not- such as it goes I suppose. Today I woke up hungry and have a strong craving for espresso which seems to be a good sign. I might meet Sandy at Public for brunch, but she might be getting sick so there's a possible "rain-check" in the works.

Charles Simic had a pretty good week, don't you think?

Went to Haley's BBQ on Monday and met up with Jared Hohl and Meghan Punschke (two people I hadn't seen in a while) and found out that Mark's (Bibbins) book is not a complete done deal with Copper Canyon but close to a done deal- if the more recent poems published/heard at readings are an indication of the book then Copper Canyon definitely needs to publish his book. They published Zapruder's "The Pajamist" which is one of my favorite books and also allows a not-so-smooth-seque into the fact that he's reading at T&W on September 6th with Zach Miller and Deborah Landau.

How cool is it that Claudia Rankine is judging the CakeTrain Chapbook contest and that Ben Lerner will have a poem out in the next Burnside Review. Talk about the littler zines/presses stepping it up!

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