Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where I've Been/Where I'm At

Well Mondays being Mondays the week began with a shrug. Tuesday I caught the final performance of the Philharmonic Orchestra at Central Park and attempted to play Scrabble... I realized that I must still be on a monosyllabic kick because my words were short and oh-so-not-contenders.

Wednesday was a thrill of thrills since I left my apartment at 7 a.m. and despite the umbrella got throughly soaked in route to the subway- spent the entire day at work with wet feet then due to the steam explosion got evacuated from Grand Central Station on my way home- midtown was so many degrees of madness so I wound up walking from 41st and Madison to 23rd and 6th to catch the F back home.

Thursday barely said hello.

Friday wore a sly wink which said you'll stay at home, watch a boring movie, and go to bed early.

Thus far Saturday has remained silent.

And tomorrow I'll probably try and go see Band of Horse at McCarren Pool Park. I think I've seen a free show every week for a while now so why stop, right?

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