Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Fourth Day Is A Gray Day

No surprise it will prob rain like hell today... last year a bunch of us went to see Belle & Sebastion and it rained for a bit then stopped but this year I think once it starts it will go on and on, perhaps even longer than a Built to Spill jam!

Anyways, I'm all showered and ready to do whatever with my day- my friend Kiely wants people to meet up at Prospect Park but I don't think I'm the only one the weather has turned skeptic.... My friends Haley Heaten (who's poem I posted on here maybe in May) and her roommate Cate Peebles have been kind enough to invite me to a rooftop bbq- but I don't think that'll happpen either.... My friend Audrey is having an indoor party with the grill on her terrace, but Sandy (ex-gf) and I are getting tired of going to the same parties and logically so so I'll skip Audrey's as well especially since I'll see some of them in a few weeks for the orchestra in Central Park!

Today seems a good enough day to drink too much coffee and do some work on the good 'ol ms- Single Male Seeking and perhaps call my friend Joseph and see what's happening with him and Anna in Chicago.

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