Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bald Ego Party

The Bald Ego party was a pretty good time. My friend, Maggie was there with her friend, also named Steven and the 3 of us chatted and made use of the open bar. Once Maggie left I met Anton Perich who like so many New Yorkers does a little bit of everything... he's doing photography, videography, and also is the editor of Night Magazine. Naturally, there were a lot of myspace exchanges going on at the party- which is fine, I honestly think myspace works best for that intention, as opposed to some representation of a personal self... anyways here's the link to anton's magazine:

I also met Anjulie who is working with Anton. She's a Toronto export trying to break into the R/B, pop-music world which is a bit outside of my musical expertise. She's also doing a bit of acting in an indie-film who's name I can't quite remember right now. She was very laid-back, sweet, and fairly funny- one gets the feeling all the trade-marks for sucess in the entertainment game. Maybe she'll be my Sheryl Crow and put one of my poems to pop-stardom and I can take a break from looking for damn jobs and buy all my friends a round of drinks or many sips of delicate and delicious tea- HA!

Well here's Anjulie's myspace link:

I met the photographer Hal Hirshoon. Some of his photos are in Issue 3 of Bald Ego and I remember Sandy (my ex and a woman of many talents) and I both commenting on how much we liked his work so I wished she could have been there to meet him as well 'specially since she's served as muse for a few photographers in recent years...

Max Blagg was amazingly busy making sure everyone had a good time and was his usual gracious and witty self.

I found out there will be an article on Gregory Corso in the next issue and it sounds pretty damn interesting so keep your eyes peeled for it.



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