Thursday, April 12, 2007

Alice Quinn Rules

No seriously she does! Last night after the PSA New Poets event myself, Bernie Kravitz, and Siobahn Ciminera were standing around drinking beer and wine at the reception and who comes easing over to our circle? None other than Alice Quinn. The four of us just simply talked the evening away. Quinn also a huge fan of the poet, Claudia Rankine. There's a wonderful interveiw with Claudia Rankine in issue 12 of Jubilat. I've also worked (NS weekend workshops) with the screen-writer Marilyn Goldin who is one of Alice's best friends so the 8 degrees became something more like 2 degrees which is about right for a city like New York.

Anyways, Alice is a sweetheart and if you see her around say hello 'cause it'll probably be one of the best conversations you'll have in quite some time. I mean she does do everything for poetry!

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