Monday, October 11, 2010


Blake Butler has a great post/review on Abe Smith's new book, Hank.

Speaking of Smith his book is published by Action Books, which is in part Johannes Göransson whose book is reviewed here. I bought this book after seeing Johannes read at Earshot maybe a year or so ago & love the book. It's obsessive and looping in a way which I think Apostrophe Books publishes best. Also see Catherine Meng's Tonight's the Night and the soon-to-be-released Jessica Baran’s book, Remains To Be Used which we were lucky enough to publish poems from in the current issue of Sink Review.

Back to Johannes, there's a wonderful essay up on Montevidayo titled,
A New Quarantine Will Take My Place, or, Ambient Violence, or, Bringing it All Back Home read that here.

Then my dears, go back to Coldfront & check out the latest POP, which consist of mini-essays on Radiohead's Kid A.

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