Sunday, October 3, 2010

Excerpt from "Mattress"



The role of a kiss is
to never swallow what it craves; not like
the heart, nothing breaks where it falls
though some one is left suspended until
another's mouth affixes. I don't believe in--
someone says and something ordinary
comes next, god, or premarital sex.
The earthworm, locking
its lips, takes in what it passes through. It
carves-- it craves-- it fillibusters
romance. I am troubled by belief: the
kiss repeats: see how it swallows and
where it lands and then the other body
bending so to catch it.

"Mattress" by Michele Glazer

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Fuzz Against Junk said...

Hey Steven, would you mail me those annotations for The Cantos we talked about the other night? You can send them to I wish I could join that discussion group, but there's no way I could scramble to get through like fourty cantos in any reasonable amount of time.