Saturday, April 11, 2009

& what to do with these found hours?

Today it is all rain. A week ago & a day before it was also all rain. & thunder. & lightning. I decided to take a short-cut across the lawn at CSI. I slipped in the mud. While teaching I realised that I smelled like dirt. The students didn't notice. The students rarely notice anything that doesn't have to do with them. Youth & all its fins. That day I had a glass of grapefruit juice. It was my last glass. That night I gave a reading. The rain stopped. People came. People left. I had a good time. I didn't stumble too much, nor did I mention grapefruit or oranges. After the reading/Before the morning Lila & I went to an Italian bakery then had garden burgers & sweet potato fries.

I had sweet potato fries on Monday as well. They were not as good, but the Tar Heels won the championship. I high-fived and hugged a table full of Carolinas. I am wearing a baby blue sweater & thinking of the Tar Heels & North Carolina right now. I am thinking that it is still raining. That I bought grapefruit juice yesterday. That I had yogurt & granola with honey & bananas for breakfast. That I spent Thursday wandering through the Central Park. That Lila has pictures. Has proof. That there was sun. On rainy days like today it's easy to forget about sun.

I should be on a Brooklyn-bound train but sometimes I just want to sit. You know, to just sit here with you is kinda nice. Sometimes it is nice to feel nice, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

you and your photographed proof should come out and play somewhere around within like but not limited to 24-48 hours from now

steven karl said...

how did the reading go?

nicolettew said...

glad to think that you're happy =)

steven karl said...

yes, happy. is it a relative? or a relative term:)

p.s. are you sick of reading about grapefruit?