Saturday, February 7, 2009

Original House Occupants Unknown

Brooklyn Copeland's new chapbook, Borrowed House, is out and just waiting for your hot hands to touch it. Order it from Greying Ghost Press.

A bit ago I blogged about Julia Cohen's lastest chapbook & Kristi Maxwell has a review of it here & HTML Giant gave Cohen some love here.

If you haven't been reading HTML Giant, you should check it out. I must admit I check the site frequently throughout the day. In fact, that & Dimemag are the two sites I look at almost obsessively, I know I'd be much cooler if I said it was the Huffington Post or New York Times, but there you have it.

Today I'm going to meet some friends for brunch at Freeman's & then spend the rest of the afternoon grading papers. If the papers don't completely ruin my taste for the written word I hope to finish reading the novel, The End, and check out Eleven Eleven's first full online edition featuring:

Cheyanne Ramos
Elaine Romero
Alain de Botton
Barry Dempster
Diego Molina
Gerald Nicosia
Alison Doernberg
Cara Benson
Emily Huffman
Dale Kushner
Carl Auerbach
Jason Hanasik
Ron Burch
Carolyn Smart
Gamaliel Rodriguez
Seana Graham
Christopher Arigo
Ted Morrissey
Chris Pusateri
Christine Hamm
CM Burroughs
Craig Santos-Perez
Dan Gutstein
Francine J. Harris
James Sanders
Joseph Noble
Laynie Brown
LS Klatt
Oliver Abrahim Khan
Paige Taggart
Rauan Klassnik
Richard Silberg
Travis Cebula
Valerie Witte

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