Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hi from Patricia sitting at the Internet Cafe

Oh Patty, you keep changing your name. I named you SPAM, yet you uname yourself then rename yourself something sleek that slips through my filters & then there you are... awaiting me in my inbox. Patty please leave me alone as I am feeling humorless heading into Valentine's Weekend.

Am I the only one that receives these internet cafe girls' spam mail? Of course, I get plenty of spam to for ejaculation, erection, and pills, pills, pills. I think Claudia Rankine needs to do a follow-up to her Don't Let Me Be Lonely.


I finished reading the novel, The End. I also finished Sarah Gambito's poetry collection, Deliverance- I'll have to reread it though because I consumed most of it on the train, which means I missed a lot, as I'm easily distracted & tend to have a short attention span on trains.


I'm going to check out the Boog City reading tonight. Tomorrow night is my friend's birthday party. I thought I was going to go to a Takashi Miike lecture on Saturday, but it looks like it was last Saturday. I was sick last Saturday. Well there's always the Bushwick reading on Saturday:

Spend the afternoon before date-night or hate-night with poets, prose-ists, and nonfictionaries! The reading will feature the multifarious talents of the following fabulous readers:

Rohin Guha
Matt Carney
Aaron Short
Marc Jaffee

Also, there will be some special commemorative quarters, and we will act out the pieces silently. Actually, those things might not happen -- but you can bet on the literary antics, baked goods, and cheer that you've already come to expect from us. So be there.

Also, be sure to check out the website to follow our ever-growing list of books.


The lastest edition of Action Yes is up.

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