Monday, March 31, 2008

Underdog Done

I had a pretty quiet weekend esp. since I still don't have a computer/internet at home right now.

Watched some of the basketball games this weekend both alone and with my roommate. Really hoped Davidson would pull out the upset win. I mean when has rooting for an underdog been more fun?


Went to Central Park on Sunday to cheer on my friend who was running the 10k Scotland run. Yep she's badass. I stood with my hoodie on, coffee in hand, and ra ra's ready to be launched.


My Tuesday night is pretty packed but I'm hoping to ease of out work a little early to check out this reading before heading into Brooklyn so see my friend's friends' performance art gig.

Tuesday, April 1st

Poetry Society of America: Chapbook Reading

Robert Polito, moderator

6:30pm, Wollman Hall, 55 W 11th St, $10, $7 for PSA members and students. Tickets available at event.

Chapbook judges read with the poets whose manuscripts they elected for publication. Featuring Rae Armantrout with Carey McHugh, Harryette Mullen with Kate Ingold, Mark Strand with Andrew Michael Roberts, and Kevin Young with Lytton Smith.

Reception to follow, and chapbooks will be available for sale.


So I have my eyes rolled to the high heavens (or void thereof) filling out a spread sheet for work that I lapsed on last week. Since we have two flight attendant training classes + a pilot training class I've got quite a few names to plug in. Insert y-a-w-n here.

So to keep myself from going crazy I play a little game like looking for the best name. Here's the winner: Sztawyo. That's pretty good last name, don't you think? He has a generic first name so no dbl bonus for him!

Another good name: Jagwendolyn (1st name) but she goes by Naresse so not sure if I should count it. What do you think? She's southern and knows I don't understand half of what she's saying (intentionally slurring) & neither one of us even bother to fake it. We nod. We smile. We give up. We go our own ways.


J. Mae Barizo said...
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phaneronoemikon said...

I do declayeh


must be a ladyfool

steven karl said...

she's no fool but definitely a lady fa shure