Sunday, March 2, 2008

So Long Brooklyn/ Hello Chinatown

Baltic Street ( Cobble Hill) has been my stomping ground for the last year

The laming thing about moving is that I couldn't bring my ex's cat, Ethan, with me
He's been my favorite roommate for the last 7 months

Hester Street (Chinatown) somehow I managed to move into yet another 5th floor walk-up

I still have 7 boxes of books and lit journals/magazines to unpack, but I did find the time to stash some of my favorite Nikes


v said...

I'm so jealous ... I want to live in Chinatown like whoa.

steven karl said...

Maybe you can! There's a sign still advertising units for rent (urban haunts) although I don't know how the actual apts would compare to your UES digs...

Matthew Thorburn said...

Now THAT is a lot of Nikes!

steven karl said...

Matt every time I move I start to think that there is really something to being a minimalist!

Have a great reading on Thursday in DC.