Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Boog City Boogie + Tuesday Traumas

Boog City’s Classic Albums Live presents The Pixies’ Surfer Rosa at 20(and Doolittle at 19)andreadings fromThe Portable Boog Reader 2:An Anthology of New York City Poetry

Tues. March 11, 7:00 p.m., $8
Cake Shop152 Ludlow St.NYC

The night will open with readings fromPortable Boog Reader 2 contributors Jim Behrle Mónica de la Torre Corrine Fitzpatrick Joanna Sondheim and Angela Veronica Wong!!!!

PBR2 features the work of 72 New York City poets.
The online pdf is available at:http://welcometoboogcity.com/boogpdfs/bc47.pdf


The way my Tuesday is shaping up I proabably won't make this but you don't need me there to hold yer hand, do you?


I've been getting all Keroauc on the Brother P-touch machine making labels reading CHAPTER 11: N763MX-HD. Talk about reckless abandonment! Talk about excitement! I'm feeling so very O'hara right now!

Annoymous Number 9 you ain't got nothin' on this kind of good clean fun & I'm getting paid for it too!

Damn talk about biscuits & xtra gravy


My outlook has been "retrieving data" for like an hour now. Hope its something good.

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