Monday, March 7, 2011

A Weekend in Books

What a last few days! I am exhausted. Thursday/Friday were the Chapbook Festival (highlights include selling Farrah Field's new chapbook to an enthusiastic Sasha Fletcher and the last copy of Dottie Lasky's baby broadside to Joshua Beckman).

Saturday Stain of Poetry (me/Christie Ann Reynolds, Erika Moya) CROWD, SuperMachine, and Poetry Time at Space Space had an off-site reading which was great (pics forthcoming).

Sunday, H & I strolled over (well, actually I limped 'cause for some reason my left foot is a bit swollen) to Berl's Brooklyn Poetry shop.

Here is a list of goods got:

from Berl's:

Ish Klein's Moving Day
Dottie Lasky's Tourmaline

from The Chapbook Festival:

We Are So Happy To Know Something (Vol 2)
Corduroy Mountain Issue 3
Carolyn Zaikowski's Ouch, Humans
Daniel Bailey's The Drunk Sonnets
Mc Hyland's Neveragainland
Lauren Ireland's Sorry It's So Small
Corrine Fitzpatrick's Zamboanguena
Dan Mager's broadside from Rope-a-dope
Zach Schomburg, Paige Ackerson-Kiely & Janaka Stucky broadside from Rope-a-dope

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